‚The Brusco‘

When working with Nic von Rupp you find yourself in a space of continuous rush of adrenaline and will for adventure. He makes anything possible and he thrives for the maximum of creativity. It is not easy to satisfy a character that has his own values set sky high. Together we produced this little piece for his new brand ‚The Brusco‘. Tailpads, Leashes with a very close connection to nature is their thing.


DOP: Felix Gänsicke 2019

Heimplanet Patterns of Nature

There was always a huge fascination for structures and patterns in nature in me. The guys at Heimplanet were looking for just that and gave me all the freedom needed. I let myself inspire by Susi Sie a great video artist from Berlin and tried merging some of her styles into what I had already shot in real nature.

DOP: Felix Gänsicke

Jules Ahoi – ‚Love Let it Flow‘

Being friends for years we went on a trip to Ireland in order to explore the vast coastline. We found waves and happiness. Our idea was also to shoot some shots for a video along his new song.

PULK Magazine Issue I

When we first set our goal to create our very own magazine containing only the stuff we want to see such a form of print media, we were confronted with so many different challenges. Where to start? How do you print a magazine? Where do you print it? What are the boundaries of print and how do we manage to get going?

Some months after the first draft of an idea later we are on the road roaming the Baltic Sea in order to discover surf scenes that aren’t on the map. No evidence on the internet but still existing. We found people all over the place sharing the same passion and the same stoke that we do for crappy onshore wind slop.

Release Date: Mai 2017

Headache Cold Water Surf Movie

Headache was our first real adventure into film making and everything that comes with it. In a team of 5-7 guys we roamed the European northern hemisphere in order to find great waves and solitary places. The outcome was a film that to the day is one piece straight from our hearts.

DOP: Felix Gänsicke

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